Internal arts are time tested ways to build health, to de-stress, approached correctly they contain a wealth of martial skills. You can start at any age and still develop decade after decade.

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion about how to train to get the benefits.

I’ve worked hard to put together courses that are logical, relevant, clear and flexible enough to meet your individual interests. Complete beginners find them useful, black belts from other styles appreciate them.

I don’t know what you want, but if you try a course and don’t like it I’ll refund you your fees.

Bagua, Tai Chi and QiGong – Learn fitness, internal cultivation and martial skills from home.

Hello, I’m Edward Hines, a Bagua teacher from the Yi Zong lineage, now teaching in Brittany, France. My internal arts journey started in 1983 in London. Over the years I’ve traveled, studied, fought, thought and taught, first with boxing, then Tai chi, through to Xingyi and Bagua. Everything began integrating while training with my teacher Luo Dexiu in the Yi Zong curriculum.

For the last 20+years, I have taught Bagua classes in person in France. Since 2020 I have offered online Bagua courses and online Bagua classes via Zoom and sometimes coached students 1:1 in Bagua and Taiji – Tai Chi. Learn more about me here.

I started Bagua in 1991 when I met Luo Dexiu in Taiwan. Luo taught me the complete Yizong Gao style Bagua system, along with Chen Pan Ling Taiji, Hebei Xingyi, and various chi-kung cultivation sets. Learn more about the YiZong martial arts school.

Here’s how to start learning Bagua today, wherever you are

There are three online courses on offer with extensive libraries of video and and written instruction. New content is added weekly and there are growing forums for each, providing feedback not available on other platforms. You can work at your own pace, leave when you want and ask for a return of course fees if you are not satisfied. I welcome and answer questions from course participants to support learning.
Learn more about the online courses.

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  • Xingyiquan


    A brief history Xingyiquan 形意拳 (literally form/shape intention boxing) , along with many other Chinese martial arts has a mythological origin, that does not necessarily match with the historical origin.  The historical origins are not entirely clear, but there are some broad strokes that are largely agreed upon. Mythologically Xingyiquan was created by the great…

  • The History of Tai Chi Chuan

    The History of Tai Chi Chuan

    x Tai Chi or as it is more completely transliterated Taijiquan (太極拳 ) has debatable roots.  I will briefly cover a number of theories or stories of how Tai Chi originated. They each bring something to an understanding of the art. There is a mythic origin story with Daoist saint/immortal Zhang Sanfeng (張三丰). The story…

  • Online Bagua training – Bagua in a nutshell

    Online Bagua training – Bagua in a nutshell

    A classic Bagua position demonstrated against a misty background

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