The Gao style online Bagua course includes 100+ indepth Bagua video classes covering forms, use, concepts & exercises with weekly updates.

Bagua Master & founder,
Gao Yi Sheng

$19.99 per month

Why Gao style Bagua online training and classes?

Well, there is something special about Gao style Bagua. It is a system to relish: elegant, logical, powerful. I’m prejudiced so you don’t need to believe me, I’d rather you find out for yourself.

What Gao style provides is a comprehensive martial education, with each component supporting and complementing the others.

An advantage of the system is that there is something in it for everybody – with the 64 linear forms, there will be some that suit your body and temperament the best – while others you can adopt to stretch your abilities.

There are years of study to dig into here! There are also exercises and ideas you can apply straight away – patterns you can savour and explore for years

Big bonuses for students

As with all my courses, if you are not satisfied with the Gao style Bagua online training and classes I will refund you your course fees.

Before you join… {consider changing this to faqs)

Do not join if you are looking for the ultimate deadly martial art, some magic shortcut to qi and enlightenment or a sense of superiority to other styles.

Do join if you want to taste a genuine tradition that you can study at your own pace, with friendly support from mature practitioners.

I welcome total beginners and experienced practitioners from other arts. If Bagua intrigues you, but you’d prefer something simpler take a look at the Bagua circle walking course.

online bagua Teacher bio

I started my Bagua journey in 1991 when I met my bagua teacher Luo Dexiu in Taiwan.

Luo taught me the complete Yizong Gao style baguazhang system, along with Chen Panling Taiji, Hebei Xingyiquan, and various Qigong cultivation sets. More than that, Luo taught me to search for the patterns underlying and connecting each system.

Luo models an unusual clarity of teaching, openness and enthusiasm. He could appreciate and admire different styles, and different approaches. Likewise, he believes passing skills and knowledge on is more important than hoarding ‘secrets’. Along with all the forms and drills and exercises, this is what I learned with Luo, and it’s also what I want to pass on.

Take a step into a rich tradition, there are an abundance of internal martial arts skills here for you to explore and apply

This is some of what you find in Gao style Bagua online training…
What you will learn in the Gao style BaGua online course :
  • Foundation exercises to develop hand methods in conjunction with body methods
  • Circle walking with fixed postures and palm changes – for solid yet fluid power in all axes of movement
  • Meditation, qigong and cultivation methods
  • 64 straight-line forms that reinforce power and contain tactics/techniques
  • Power training methods
  • Partner exercises, and sets

Yes, there is a lot to explore here. You can choose to use the system as a frame to organise previous martial experience, or as a way to develop new skills.

Build these skills
  • Striking and throwing techniques
  • Body use for solid power
  • Evasive and predatory footwork – combine circles and lines
  • Key ideas you can apply to any martial art (and in daily life)
  • Entry methods to close distance with maximum safety