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Even though Bagua has a reputation for being extremely complex, at its core, it is actually reasonably simple.

Bagua Circle Walking training…

What is the Bagua circle walking course about?

At its core, Bagua uses a few key movement patterns in combination with special stepping methods to develop the body and anchor the mind.

Simplicity is at the heart of genuine Bagua, because one goal is to find the common elements of movement that can respond to all kinds of situations. 

While many people practice for health and meditation Bagua is still a martial art. In combat there is not time to choose from a vast array of techniques. Bagua approaches this by working with movement patterns that can be adapted naturally in the moment to the situation at hand.

The body method and key movements are what you will find in the Bagua circle walking course.
There are details, and process that it is easy to misunderstand and mix up. That’s why it’s a fools game to try and copy videos on Youtube.

The Circle walking course provides the details you need, and a progression of exercises so you can develop solid Bagua skills without wasting time.

In either case, you have the reassurance of knowing the course has been created is an established and respected teacher from a school of repute.

What you will learn
  • Theory and history of Bagua
  • Body method for flexible power
  • Core movements and palm changes
  • Bagua as meditation
  • How to integrate Bagua into your daily life
  • Bagua ‘thinking’
As a result you will have
  • A comprehensive exercise system that you can practice and refine for decades
  • A powerful lens to see and understand other Bagua, martial and movement systems
  • A foundation you can take to other styles and exercise methods
The course includes
  • 50 separate lessons
  • Class recordings
  • A moneyback guarantee
  • Space for your questions
  • Access to an amazing community

The most important ideas and skills that you need to develop your Bagua practice + access to a supportive community.