Xingyi bengquan power – 3 tips for a better Bengquan

Bengquan is one of the 5 fists of Xingyiquan. It’s often a favourite because it is simpler to demonstrate power with bengquan than some of the others and that’s what this post is about – some simple ways to improve xingyi bengquan power.

I often see people approach Xingyi with an attitude of power, Power, POWER!!! I find that this often limits progress and understanding. You need to express power to develop power, but if that’s all you do it’s a dead end.

Conversely, I meet people who expect the power to develop spontaneously because…because… um “insert alchemical explanation”. This attitude/belief is rarer in Xingyi than in some other arts, but I do see it. You can waste years with this too.
There are middle ways.

In the video above I show three tips or training methods that you can use in your bengquan, or punching.

These methods are not overly forceful, they are not ridiculously mysterious, and they are not all there is to bengquan nor are they exclusive to bengquan. Movements approximating bengquan are found in many martial arts (including Gao style Bagua). It is basically a straight punch after all – though not all straight punches are identical.

Anyway, If you try these methods you will find they can make a difference without wasting years. You may also find some other movements in which you can apply these tips. If you do decide to be part of the 1% of people who don’t just watch videos but actually try things out let me know how you get on. Tell me if you (or more importantly, others!) notice differences in your Xingyi bengquan power.

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