Bagua Zoom classes – learn live from anywhere

Bagua Zoom classes – live instruction for you

Though I had my doubts when I started these classes in 2020 Bagua Zoom classes have turned out to be a pretty good way to learn. Why?

They are a good way to learn because they are live. You sign-up, you show-up, you follow through.

Equally important, I get to watch you and you get to ask me questions. Because I can see you move I can give you specific instructions. It might be about posture and choreography, the position of your hands or feet. But I give frequent instruction that relates to the how not just the what of movement. I have seen students really change and get things in these classes.

Because it’s live, if I don’t show or explain a movement clearly for you, you don’t need to need to write me a message, you can just ask. The same goes for concepts.

Finally, the classes have community. There is a kind of learning that only happens when a group of people share a space, even if that space is virtual. You will find plenty of humour, affection and goodwill in these classes.

These classes avoid the pitfalls of solo learning – getting confused, doing things badly without ever getting corrected, loneliness and demotivation.

They also avoid the hassle of having to travel to class. The classes are small enough to avoid the weird internet asymmetries of ‘parasocial’ relations. These Bagua zoom classes are for real people with real people, not internet idols and followers.

Send me a message if you have any questions. The times are listed below along with the prices. Below that are joining instructions and a little more detail about what we do in class.


Mon 9H-10H Form progression (not for beginners)

Tues 18H30-19H30 Form progression (not for beginners) followed by Xingyiquan 19H30-20H30 (this class will rotate through the exercises/principles of the Xingyiquan foundations course)

Wed 9H-10H Fundamentals and conditioning (beginners welcome)

Thurs 18H30-19H30 Fundamentals and conditioning (beginners welcome)

Fri 9H-10H Form progression (not for beginners)

The times given are Paris time (CEST Central European Summer Time/CET central European time depending on the dates) 

Prices – single class €12, 1 week access €35, 1-month access €72

Payment by paypal/card to Edward@i-bagua or this link  (you enter the amount to send).

Discounts: People who sign up for any of the courses I offer on this site get discounts. It’s often better value to pay for a course and the Zoom classes than just take the Zoom clases. Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you that!

How do You join the zoom classes?

Simple – Pay for your class, either individually, by week or by month (times and prices below) and I will send you the link to join on Zoom. I will add you to a special e-mail list that will only be used to inform you of changes to schedule, class content, special bonus classes and guest teachers…

In class, I demonstrate and talk you through a series of exercises that will be themed by class. I will watch you where possible and give feedback to make your progress faster.

Usual zoom etiquette applies. Mute your microphone unless there is a good reason to talk, avoid distracting use of chat.

For the last few minutes we have Q and A. This is important, it helps me get a better idea of what you get, what is less clear, what interests you and what to offer in future sessions. Other people’s questions can also be very helpful to hear.


There are three kinds of classes

Fundamentals and conditioning, which focuses on the core movements and qualities that are necessary for success with Bagua. This class is designed to be welcoming for beginners and with potential to challenge and interest regular students.

Form progression. In this class we work through a traditional system. It is not for beginners. I need to see you move and have some personal communication with you before inviting you to join this class

Xingyiquan – a separate though related style – classes start in September and build on the curriculum of the online course Xingyiquan foundations

Vital fundamentals: Alignment, breath, structure and mind

Movements: Arm circles and hand methods, stepping and circle walking, Gao style forms

Ideas: tactics, strategy, ‘Bagua thinking’, health and movement principles, how to build a personal practice, linking practise to daily life and situations

Why: to develop calm, balance, mobility, lightness, power, confidence, health

All exercises will be scaleable – which is to say there are variations for different levels of strength, mobility, body type. I will encourage you to try everything and work well, but there is no obligation or pressure for attendees to do anything they do not want to.

Important: if you want to join the Bagua Zoom classes but cannot afford the fees please send me an e-mail. I do not want money to be an issue, especially now.

The classes will be run on an honour system. I am unlikely to change the class link often. If you turn up without paying, I may notice, I may not. You will know.

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