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Bagua books, qigong books, Taiji books (well sort of). You can find them here. Books serve as good introductions if you are starting out and as timeless references for confirmed practitioners.

Baguazhang circle walking

This book will guide you through the foundations of Bagua circle walking. It is a good introduction to the body method of Bagua. In the book I translates some of the classical Bagua writings into clear instructions for practice with accompanying illustrations.

Published in December 2015, this book is small, clear and simple which makes me and many readers quite happy.

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Beginning Bagua

This is probably the most down-to-earth, practical book about Bagua currently available. It was the first book I published. The book gives an overview of Bagua generally and the Gao style specifically. You will also find a selection of foundational hand and footwork exercises as well as the most important circular palm changes. The exercises and forms are shown with a variety of partner exercises that demonstrate martial principles and throwing techniques.

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Moving into stillness

This book is an easy-to-understand guide to the Daoist qigong and meditation methods that I learned from my teacher Luo Dexiu. I wrote it with the intention that it would serve as a good introduction to breathing exercises and meditation for people skeptical of all things new age. Many of the ideas and exercises combine well with Bagua and other martial arts. You might like it.

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How to Choose a Tai Chi teacher

This book lays out the landscape of Tai Chi/Taiji and other martial arts instruction, complete with the pitfalls and prejudices you will come across. Whether you are interested in soft movement for health or to develop fighting skills the perspectives you will read in this book will save you time and grief. This is the book you will want to give your friends so that they make smart choices about who they train with, and so that they ask fewer of the questions you may have answered many times.

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You can buy my Bagua books in real paper format on Amazon and for Kindle. You can read them without a Kindle, there is FREE software and apps for Kindle that you can download to your PC, Mac, i-pad/phone, Android etc

Read them for reference, to learn, for fun or give them to you friends.

As well as books you can start one the online courses, with video, written explanation places to ask questions and a supportive community.

If you like this site you’ll enjoy them too.

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