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Luo Dexiu Seminars Paris May 12-14 2017 – sticking hands/mains collantes

English below Maître Luo Dexiu sera de retour à Paris en Mai pour un Workshop en profondeur sur les Mains Collantes / Poussées de Mains (Tui Shou / Rou Shou). Le stage est ouvert à tous ceux qui veulent apprendre à lier leurs connaissances corporelles internes des applications externes. Pratiqu

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You can get these books now

You can buy my books on Amazon available in both Kindle form (to read on your phone etc and to save trees) and in Paperback.  The latest book Baguazhang circle walking costs just £3.05 ($4.80 and €4.22)

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This small book covers the body requirements of circle walking. The book explains the writing of Gao Yisheng on circle walking, and is illustrated with clear line drawings. This book is written with a demystifying approach which can save you a lot of time and help make the obscure more clear. 
Included in the book are
  • Breathing methods
  • Stepping methods
  • The eight mother palms – fixed upper body postures
  • Simple partner training exercises to clarify body structure and power
  • Context and guidelines for training

As I said this is a small book, and while it is not perfect I’m pretty happy with it.

It is very good value for money on Kindle, and pretty affordable in paperback.

MIS cover

Tired of reading overly grandiose, humourless, confusing or pseudo-scientific books on Qigong?

I was, so I wrote this one, based on the Daoist methods I learned from my teacher Luo Dexiu.

I wanted to give readers:

  • a set of clear methods to use breath and movement as a way to meditate and find stillness
  • Exercises and approaches to feel better in daily life
  • Ways to connect Qigong and martial practices
  • Ideas to cut through bullshit
  • Something they could share with skeptical friends

Many people have told me that I succeeded, you decide for yourself.

Get your Kindle version here



Beginning Bagua is probably the most down to earth, practical book about Bagua currently available.

I wrote it with the goal of providing concrete, directly useful information on Bagua. It includes the basics of body use stepping, static posture training, Qigong, key movements, striking and throwing applications, circle walking as well as how Bagua’s intellectual framework applies to martial tactics and to general training.

Much of what you will find in this book is useful not just to practitioners of Bagua, but to martial artists in general.

Bagua is often presented as mysterious, complicated and difficult. It certainly requires study and practice, but this book provides the keys to make sense of the ‘abstract’ movements, to see the logic behind them and begin to develop useful skills. This book can save you a lot of grief and confusion!

Get your kindle copy here


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