The I of I-Bagua has several meanings. At the first level it stands for integral. My aim in compiling the I-Bagua syllabus was to create practices that are true to the essence of Bagua and also can integrate with the lives of my students.

My students are 21st century Europeans who rarely speak Chinese who have had little access to Chinese culture and thinking. The origins of Bagua are in 19th century China, a very different context. The way people learn and their expectations are different. A teacher needs to adapt to this.

The second level of meaning goes back some generations. The name of my Bagua lineage is Yi Zong. Yi means change – it is the Yi of the Yijing (or I Ching) the Chinese classic of change. Zong means tradition.

So the I of I-Bagua is a reference to and in reverence to the Yi of Yizong. Without the prior tradition, the work of my teachers and their teachers there is nothing to build on. I am deeply grateful to have been trusted with knowledge precious to some exceptional teachers.

Finally there is the play on words. I-Bagua…do you?