Tim Cartmell seminars Paris 4-6 March 2016

Tim will be back in Paris in March 2016. It looks like we’ll have a great three days – this year I’m reaching out to the BJJ community since they have qualities often lacking among the internal arts practitioners (willingness to mix it up, a practical outlook, the capacity to see skill as skill independent of  lineage or ethnicity). If it works we will have  good number of practitioners from different places.

(Click on the link for the review of last years seminar)

Who is Tim Cartmell?

Let’s spell this out: He also happens to be a third dan BJJ black belt who placed first at the 2003 IBJJF Pan Championship as a brown belt and first at the 2004 IBJJF Pan Championship as a black belt. He teaches BJJ alongside Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida, the most highly decorated BJJ competitor in the world.

Tim practices and teaches ZhaoBao and Sun style Taiji, Shanxi Xingyi, and Gao/Yizong Bagua.

Furthermore, he explains everything in terms of biomechanics. A class with Tim is a chi-free zone. 100% down to earth, no BS, pure quality.


Friday evening – Internal martial arts striking methods 
Biomechanics of power generation – tactics and training methods.
Maximum 11 participants.

Friday evening €35

at Espace Nataraja, 12 rue Hippolyte lebas, 75009, metro Cadet: Notre dame de Lorette

Saturday – Throws and takedowns51APAWJTG4L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_
Make the most of Tim’s deep knowledge of the use of body alignment principles to make throws efficient and even effortless. Great for standup fighters, BJJ practitioners who know they need work in this area, and students of internal arts.
(Tim is the author of the book ‘Effortless combat throws’ considered a classic by many)

Sunday – BJJ
Sunday will build on from Saturday with follow ups from some of the throws practised on Saturday.
Excellent teachers bring something special to their arts. Tim brings a very clear systematic approach to teaching and a sophisticated understanding of body use enriched by 10+ years he spent studying in China and Taiwan and refined by over 20 years of BJJ practice.
Beginners will benefit from his systematic, clear and graspable explanations. More advanced practitioners will benefit from his subtle understanding of body use and long experience.

Weekend: €55/day €85 two days

at 15 rue Gabriel Faure Villeneuve la Garenne 92390 –  a little to the North of Paris, reachable by metro, RER and tram

To book

Send an e-mail to edward@i-bagua.com to check availability,

Then paypal 50% of the fee as a deposit (edward@i-bagua.com) include the sessions you will attend in the payment details.

Get this done now and then read more about Tim’s approach here ‘True to the original directive’ and don’t be scared by it. Tim is a kind teacher and seminars are not there as an exercise in body conditioning.

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