The Secret book of beautiful, badass, bullshit free Bagua basics – sneak preview….


What you have in this post is a preview of the table of contents of my next book. So far it is about 30 000 words, and I have not finished writing about a lot of areas that I believe need to be included – for example I have not yet categorized any stepping exercises in the contents, or any specific applications, drills and exercises.

If there is something that you think is missing, I may well get around to it, but to be sure write to me, or put a note on this Facebook post. At the rate at which the book is growing I may split it into a number of volumes – that way it’ll get to you faster!

I have learned a lot from working on the last two books. I plan to use line drawings in this one as I did in Moving into Stillness, as these are clearer than photos and  work better on e-books, pdfs etc.

Check back every now and then, I will update the page regularly as the index develops. I will also publish little sections of the book on .




Why basics?

Bullshit free?

The source of bullshit

Why badass?

Badass in perspective

Why beautiful?

Why secret?

A bit of bullshit free Baguazhang history

Personal narrative and learning

Which came first, Bagua, or Baguazhang? (or what came first theory or practice?)

Some continuing thoughts on Baguazhang and culture

Don’t be bozo the Bagua circus clown

Practice in Baguazhang

Have you used this excuse?

The nature of practice

Optimal practice

Developing distinctions

Bagua, principles and martial arts

Your Body

Do you know your body?

Crude to subtle (fragmented to integrated)

Before the basics – less than zero

Getting to zero

Awareness, body image and intention and control

Relaxation – turn down the noise


Dosed misalignment

Joint preparation and mobility

The relation between mobility and stability

Adding some extra Bagua flavour

The resting squat

The 30/30 squat challenge

Relaxed forward bend into squat

Ido squat routine 2.0

Band active push out in squat

Weighted and supported squat

Squat play

Knee circles and offline squats

Paired circles

Inside squats


Outside squats

Ankle walking

Wrist flexibility and finger resilience

Simple wrist stretches

First knuckle pushups

Rear fist pushups

Fist rocks

Back of hand and wrist twisted push ups

Partner wrist work

Deep walking

Hanging and shoulders

Bouncing, shaking, jumping


Ways to progress


Recovering simple

Where’s the mystery? it’s just movement … oh there’s the mystery!

Qi cultivation (and oh god not qi again)

Qi misconceptions and reconceptions

Ok tell me about cultivation already!

A simple internal formula

Focus, variety and progress

Standing for an example

Specialism (lack of variety) and mind control

Beyond specialism

How to dose variety

Imagination and restriction

Power training

Not impressed in Shanxi


Emphasize the store, not the release

Non linear effects

Shape and function

Yin Yang for perverts

Ends, means and styles

Focus in learning

Form, results and feedback

Sources of feedback

Maintaining quality

Metabolic conditioning

Some metcon ideas for Bagua – beyond aerobics



Key moves

Connected movement

If the extremities move from the centre, then the centre is moved by the extremities

Quantum Bagua


The real reasons why you don’t see Bagua in the UFC

Interesting things that might happen…

Chinese classics


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