The 219000 step challenge is very simple, practise your circle walking, do 600 steps a day every day of the year!

Why 600 steps?
Has something like this ever happened to you? You have a practice, let’s say Bagua but it could be anything. You have had some great sessions, you felt amazing, you know it’s good for you and you are keen to develop your skills.

So you set your alarm clock for 05H00 knowing that a couple of hours of circle walking before breakfast is exactly what will make your life better!

At 05H00 your alarm goes off. You think about two hours of training. Two hours later you get out of bed and have breakfast feeling slightly guilty.

Well if it has never happened to you either 1. you are amazingly disciplined and motivated, 2. you are lying 3. You have never been (over)ambitious about your training.

600 steps is a training method from Luo Dexiu designed to get around the kind of story above.

600 steps sounds a lot but it is only about 60 circles, and the process is designed to be easy. You can get through 600 steps in about 15 minutes, or less if you want. At one step per second it’s just 10 minutes!

But, but, but what’s the point of that? Just 10 minutes? What good is that?

Well let’s look at it again. 10 minutes is doable and the 10 minutes that you do is better than the two hours that you did not do. It makes for a bigger smile at breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, well anytime.

Of course there is also the question of quality vs quantity.

We would probably all like to walk the circle perfectly (whatever that means to you). The reality is that we wobble, slump, are too tense, or too soft, or our minds wander or…..

The more we try to walk perfectly, often the harder it is!

600 steps is a way to take the pressure off. Anyway, here’s how it works.

The first 200 steps you can mentally pretty much throw away. Just walk, walk in a circle with no attempt at quality, just be there and walk, change directions from time to time, go as fast as you want, like taking a stroll in the park.

Then once you are in the walking groove and start the second 200 steps slowly begin to add elements to how you walk. Feel your feet and how they contact the ground, bend your knees a little, stretch your head up a little, perhaps you can start to adjust your hands into a more formal position. Once one element is in place approximately add another one.

For the third 200 steps you can start to walk with even more attention to detail, perhaps slow down a little or even a lot, change direction a little more often.

There will be days when you whip through your 600 steps super fast. There will days when you begin to really settle into the process, where the last 200 steps take 20 minutes or longer. There will be days when your circle walking feels so good, so fascinating, that you continue well past 600 steps refining, experimenting, playing.

So to summarize the process

  • 600 steps is plenty
  • Forget quality, just accept what you’re doing, be happy that your are practising, walking alive!
  • Add elements gradually, keep the attitude above
  • Go as fast or slow as you want
  • You can keep going past 600 if you want

Back to the 219000 steps challenge
Commit to doing your 600 steps everyday.

If you’re busy walk anyway, walk faster if you need
If you have a hangover, walk anyway
If you are still drunk, walk anyway
If you did a ridiculous squat workout the day before and your legs are locked solid, walk anyway
If you have just had earth shattering sex and you want more, walk anyway
If you are tired, walk anyway
If your joints ache or knees are not comfortable, find a way to be comfortable and walk anyway
If you are in a strange place and think people will think you’re wierd to walk, walk anyway oh yeah and stop thinking
If you really, really, really, really can’t move, walk anyway just imagine in graphic kinesthetic detail

I think that by now you get the picture.

Make 2013 a beautiful fractal ring! As January 1st curls around to January 1st, as winter turns to spring, turns to summer, turns to autumn, turns to winter each cycle of the earth around its axis, each day has its own circles spinning within it.

So are you going to take the 219000 step challenge?

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