Strength and movement for Bagua, for fun, for health or for looks!

Bagua is an art that I love, and that I’m constantly learning more about. Two important things that I’ve learned:

  • Many beginning students are held back because they lack strength and mobility
  • Many students like the idea of Bagua but lack the time-energy to dedicate and would do better off with a simpler strength program

That’s one of the reasons that I offer private classes based on regular research into strength, mobility and movement approaches.

I’m happy to announce that soon I’ll have some more options to teach as CFOA will open a lovely new Box in Paris.

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A great thing about training at CFOA is the atmosphere. The coaches are great, the athletes are lovely and because the underlying value is willingness to work well you are equally welcome if you are way out of condition, or a beast of an athlete. The dedication and skill of people there is an inspiration and aid to motivation.  Come and visit!

If you’d like to complementary strength-mobility training, or have other dreams then contact me.