I have a mixed relationship with social media*, on the one hand it allows me to reach and be reached by people I otherwise would not, it brings in a flow of ideas and research that I value. On the other hand, well you probably know the other hand.

I don’t want to be part of that other hand for you.

So here is my social media pledge

  • Most of what I post will be original – some shares of what I think is great, but no bullshit viral clickbait.
  • I’ll keep things focused on martial arts and movement, it will stray to connected fields and ideas from time to time. Nothing exists in isolation, or a vacuum (except the unkillable sci-fi beast of your nightmares).
  • Occasional socially social stuff – meeting up with old friends, special events but no ‘validate my beautiful life’ crap.
  • There will be some sales, I’ll say when books are coming out or free giveaways and about seminars I organise or give.
  • No constant stream of silk pajama forms videos – however good some may be.
  • I’ll also ask your help and opinions, about book covers, titles, contents and courses.
  • If you sign up for my email list unless I change drastically you’re unlikely to hear from me much more than once a fortnight. That’s being optimistic, which is a good reason to sign up now!
  • I’ll post some things that make me laugh and there may be the occasional snake reference.

I believe that there is too much information floating around to assimilate, and most of us are better off with more time digging deeper into what we know than scanning screens in search of the newest, coolest and best. I want my social media to reflect this, to help you to dig deeper and to see the familiar in new ways.

This means chances are I’ll repeat myself, same ideas different words, different images, different levels. I needed lots of exposure to get certain things, and I need constant or at least regular reminders. I’ll be kind enough to share some of them, like Marcus Aurelius but less imperial.

So get a notebook, not so you can write down my wisiest of reminders, but so you can write your own.

If you can cope with that then we’ll get on fine.


*I’m writing this the day my Facebook page crossed 1000 likes. Not much I know, but it feels like a milestone. Perhaps if fortune favours you will read this when many other milestones have passed. You can also check if I’ve kept to my promises.