Intelligent self defence

While for most of us our lives are largely peaceful it is likely that you have found yourself in difficult situations, and know people close to you who have personally experienced violence.

Even if you may never face physical threat from another human the consequences of such a scenario can be so serious and unpleasant that it is well worth preparing yourself in advance.

You may have never studied any martial arts before, or you may wanta realistic approach that covers a spectrum from communication to simple practical methods that work in chaotic stress of violence. I designed the course Do you want to feel safer? How to deal with intimidation and Aggression with this preparation in mind.

The people who come on this course often have no training in martial arts or recognise that while there is great richness in martial arts there is also a great deal that is superfluous to their lives. A mix of men, women, young and old attend the course including mothers and daughters who have enjoyed an intense bonding experience through the day.

This course lasts four and half hours and costs €67 per person. Discounts are available for people repeating the course and also for students.During the course you will learn:

  • Special awareness techniques,
  • Body language to put off potential attackers and defuse conflict
  • How to maximise your hitting power
  • Angles that help keep you safe
  • Surprise techniques and escapes
  • Psychological blocks to acting appropriately
  • Key points of the law
  • Guidelines for future practice

This is an intense mental, physical and emotional immersion in which you will explore and awaken your innate capacities. The goal is not to make you into a deadly martial artist, but to help you maintain and improve the quality of your life.

You will receive many benefits outside of the nightmare scenarios that it will prepare you for. You will be able to apply this information in situations as diverse as heated, underhand office politics (without resorting to violence) or in setting boundaries with your children.

The day covers a spectrum of communication methods, methods to develop awareness and calmness, responses to common situations, and most importantly how to evaluate situations to come up with your best options. The day has a depth of theory and is also extremely hands on.

You will also get a good physical workout (though this is not the focus of the course), and many opportunities to laugh. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a bottle for water and be prepared to work barefoot.

During the course you will not be forced to take part in any exercise, and your physical safety will be attended to at all times.

If you would like to have private instruction or run a course in your organisation contact me here

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