Book and seminar reviews

Lu Baochun seminar review

The weekend of July 1-2 Lu Baochun was in Paris and I managed to catch the last day of training. I had meant to go earlier but life got in the way. How was it? Well as my friend Michael Rook said to me recently “Lu is awesome.” Now awesome is a much abused word, fortunately I know that Michael i

Luo Dexiu Paris 2017 seminar review

I've been in two minds about writing up this year's Paris seminar with Luo Dexiu. I'll explain why later. Clearly I've decided to go for it. More by luck than design I picked a series of topics that complemented each other extremely well. Or perhaps it is Luo’s teaching skill that allow him to sho

Emmet Louis M3 review

I've just unpeeled my closed eyes on the Eurostar coming back from London and Emmet Louise’s Modern Methods of Mobility (M3 seminar). Why did I go, what did I learn and was it worth it? There are a whole lot of approaches to mobility or flexibility or stretching or whatever you want to call it. T

Fighting monkey Anatomy of Events seminar review

Last weekend I had. My second Fighting Monkey experience in Antwerp (read about the first here). This seminar is titled ‘Anatomy of Events’ and was advertised as an exploration of how practices can be used to notice the patterns that link different aspects of life and how to to change these patt

Tim Cartmell 2017 seminar reviews

I'm back in Paris with a full notebook after a great weekend in Cologne, and it's time to get some thoughts in order. I've only been involved in BJJ on a regular basis for a short time and I feel very aware of my lack of experience. However I've also trained with several teachers over the years and

Book review: Movement Matters

I've just finished Movement Matters by Katy Bowman, and I want to write a review for several reasons. The first is because I think it's full of ideas worth sharing, the second is that I'd like to sort some of my ideas about the book and connect them to parts of my life (some of which will be peculia

Tom Weksler Movement Archery review

If I lean back in my train seat I can feel the edges of sensitivity on my shoulders.  It's a sensitivity that has built up from many impacts with dance floors and gymnastic mats over a very fun weekend with Tom Weksler. Tom is a dancer and he teaches his approach to dance and acrobatics which he ca

Book review: Concom by Rory Miller

Did you ever see someone do something and think ‘Why would anyone do that?’ It could be in the office,  or at school, in a family on the street or between a couple.   And the person doing the mysteriously stupid thing could well be you. That's what ConCom: Conflict Communication A New Paradigm

Silat suffian seminar review

I first saw Maul Mornie on YouTube several years ago and was immediately impressed. Maul comes from Brunei and teaches the art of Silat Suffian Bela Diri. Maul has a simple and precise body movement and what looks like genuine power (feels like too - I now know). This weekend the opportunity to trai

Slapped up and down by a monkey’s question

I just came back form a wonderful weekend in Antwerp. Was the weather wonderful? Well reasonable, for Belgium. What was wonderful were the people, and what we came together to learn about. It's been some time since I saw the video 'What is fighting monkey' and I've come across people who have recomm

The all you can eat Bagua buffet with Luo Dexiu

Why describe a seminar with Luo Dexiu as an all you can eat Bagua buffet? Could it be because among the many metaphors Luo uses to get his points across food metaphors are common (Chinese eat everything, starter-main course -dessert, you want tea or coffee or ice cream, it's like a sandwich with so

Ido Portal method meets the Addicts in Berlin

I'm just back from a week of quite intense movement training with Joseph Bartz, a teacher of the Ido Portal method and my fellow Crossfit coaches from Crossfit Original Addicts here in Paris. I'd like to share some of what I learned, and also use this article to organize some of the many pieces of i

Reflections and seminar review – Tim Cartmell Paris 2015

On facebook I wrote a little about Tim's recent Paris seminar. I'd like to go a little deeper, partly into what we covered, but more into the underlying message. A number of people asked "what style does Tim do?" And the answer I prefer is martial arts. Sometimes I think simply movement would be bet

Luo Dexiu September 2012 Seminar review

I can still type which is a good thing after a weekend involving a room full of martial artists with big sticks. That means I can say a little about a great seminar with Luo. Only a little because you really need to be there to benefit from this kind of event, but you can begin to build anticipation