New year Goals!!!!!

This is the time of year where we are encouraged to set our goals for the new year. As soon as we start to take about goals we enter the territory of the motivational coach, which can be a very strange land. Upon crossing the border you will be vetted,  tested on your willingness to ‘be all that

Free trial class!

I get messages asking for a free trial class, and I get them fairly often. Actually not asking, assuming that I give free trial classes. Brasserie by Zoetnet But really,  why should it be? Restaurants don’t offer free trial meals. Who does offer free samples? Drug pushers and pharmaceutical reps

My allergies

I first began to discover that I have some allergies in London when I went to the Mind Body Spirit Expo in London sometime in the 90s. I wasn’t the essential oils that set me off, I think it was the crystals, or the smugness. It caught me a little by surprise, not so long before I’d traveled aro

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