New year Goals!!!!!

This is the time of year where we are encouraged to set our goals for the new year. As soon as we start to take about goals we enter the territory of the motivational coach, which can be a very strange land. Upon crossing the border you will be vetted,  tested on your willingness to ‘be all that

Free trial class!

I get messages asking for a free trial class, and I get them fairly often. Actually not asking, assuming that I give free trial classes. Brasserie by Zoetnet But really,  why should it be? Restaurants don’t offer free trial meals. Who does offer free samples? Drug pushers and pharmaceutical reps

Martial arts – below the silk

Did you see the picture and like it? I’m glad I brought an iota of pleasure into your life. Now I’m curious whether you saw this. Click the article, read it if you are interested in martial arts, if you consider yourself a martial artist. Then show that you read it with a like. Why? A few reason