Qigong and Meditative alignment

Qigong literally translate as breathing exercises, or breathing skills. There are many, many approaches to Qigong.

The approach in these classes comes from the Quanzhen school of Daoism and is to start with the body to refine the mind. This approach is consistent with modern understanding of how the the brain has developed to control the body with increasing levels of sophistication.

In the case of the Qigong that I teach this means that we:

  • Use movement and body awareness combined with breath as a focus for awareness
  • Move from less refinement towards greater refinement in both movement and focus
  • Stay simple

Why focus on movement? Because Movement is life!

Correct physical alignment allows greater efficiency, useful strength, ease of movement, and injury resistance which makes it a fine focus for meditative focus.

This seems the best way to get great results in developing the qualities of harmony, peace, supporting natural healing processes, energizing the body and preparing it for other activities.

What we do not do is:

  • get overly theoretical, or engage in complex visualizations

What can you expect in a session?

  • A basic physical warm up
  • A series of postures to hold and simple movements to repeat with instructions on what to focus on
  • A few aches depending on your physical condition

Some sessions include more challenging postures and movements. Dealing with any discomfort gracefully and mindfully is an in important part of the practice.

Part of what you will develop during these sessions is increasing awareness of how to move, as well as mindfulness.

Improve movement quality and you improve the quality of your daily life. You can also apply the awareness in more demanding movement skills like sport, dance and martial arts.

See you in class, and move mindfully.