Private coaching

In some ways private coaching is a luxury service. In others it is the opposite. If you want to train privately prepare to be pushed and  stretched. As your coach my job is to get results not be your friend, or hold your hand. You do not pay me to accept your excuses, you pay me to laugh at them, correct your technique and tell you what you need to work on and in what order.

If you would like a private pampering service, pay me directly and I will send you daily e-mails full of compliments, but do not expect me to teach you. Life is too short.

Your private training will start with an initial assessment and discussion of your training needs. Broadly speaking you can chose to focus on a mix of the three areas below. We can refine this as we work together.
  • Health and fitness – using a balanced variety of exercises
  • Martial – simple combative training or the intricacy of more classical Chinese martial arts
  • Life coaching – Bagua principles applied to life goals – exercises to develop desired personal qualities

Outside of our sessions I will prescribe exercises for you to work on, dietary advice. Your progress will depend on you following these prescriptions.

I expect payment in advance, and notice of cancelled sessions.

Your coaching session can take place at the centre in the 9th arrondissement, your home or office or any place where there is sufficient space.

Want to take your health, fitness and skill to the next level? Think you are up for the challenge? Contact me.