QiGong Breath Magic Course

Your top priority is vitality through breath

  • The anatomy and physiology of breath
  • Methods to have a fuller more open breath
  • Ways to use the breath to change your state – calm, focus, healing, and energy
  • The use of breath to create a connection with others
  • The use of breath to improve movement
  • A classic Qigong set

Is the ‘best breathing method’ in the breathing magic online qigong course?

Online qigong training is a recent method to pass on time-tested knowledge. This online qigong course is a fine way to invest in your health, energy and focus.

At some level, every culture has recognised the power of breath:

  • to boost health, support focus,
  • to heal from trauma,
  • to develop unusual states and abilities.

Breathing exercises underpin many martial and meditative systems.

I created this short qigong and breathwork course as a foundational introduction to these practices.

  • If you follow this online qigong course, it will give you a lifetime of exploration and cultivation. As importantly, it will serve you as a way into the specific practices of different disciplines, arts and cultures.

In the course you will cover:

  • The anatomy and physiology of breath
  • Methods to have a fuller more open breath
  • Ways to use breath to change your state – calm, focus, healing and energy
  • The use of breath to create connection with others
  • The use of breath to improve movement
  • A classic Qigong set

Enjoy a guided experience of the anatomy of breath through a variety of exercises and techniques. Learn the fundamentals of breath control safely. 

Through this course, when you come across breathing exercises in other systems you will be well-placed to understand and evaluate them.

Are the methods safe?

Breathwork is not just about anatomy and muscular control. It touches emotion and can lead to profound experiences.

There are some dangerous breathing methods out there, which can lead to emotional disturbance and worse. I chose everything in this course for its safety.

In the course, you get a framework to help you appreciate and understand different explanations and descriptions of breath from multiple disciplines/approaches. The course is also a guide to integrating your own experiences.

Bonus and guarantee

When you join you gain access to a global community of mature practitioners in a culture of support and generosity.

Remember, I will refund you your course fees if you do not learn useful skills. I’ve put a combination of potent ideas and exercises into this course that I’ve not seen elsewhere. I think you’ll like it.

Are you ready to explore and harness your breath through practical exercises that give a lifetime’s value?
Inhale, exhale and start now

Teacher Bio

Even before I was three years old I had started breathwork training, though it wasn’t called ‘breathwork’ back then. Legendary swimming teacher Pierre Gruneberg used a bowl full of water, and a foot on my back at the bottom of a swimming pool as tools for breath control.

Pierre started me off as a Freediver. Since then, I’ve been fascinated by the many aspects of breath. I’ve studied breathing for the ocean, and on land, in martial arts, in Yoga and hypnosis. I’ve investigated breath a medium for interpersonal/interspecies communication.

There are lifetimes of exploration. I’ve done my best to condense key exercises and ideas into this course.
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PS. This course is a great complement to the Bagua circle walking course and the Gao style Bagua course.

PPS. You can get all the courses bundled together with this link to save you $22 on a monthly subscription HERE.

Online Qigong Course Curriculum

Mind, relaxation, emotion and interception
Mind situation
Riding the exhalation and the hand method
Abdominal control and reverse breathing
Breath, emotion and interoception
Stillness and not moving
Full body scan, relaxation and observation
Live class recording
Putting it all together

Body awareness and control
Diaphragm and vaccuum
Spinal wave one
Spinal wave two
Spinal wave three
Putting it all together
Live class recording

Breath and connection
Mirror neurons
Sealing breaths
Partner intuition
The magic triad and its friends
Live session

Eight Pieces of Brocade
Baduanjin exercises and practice
Baduanjin follow along