Next book ready soon – a short guide to Baguazhang circle walking

I’m putting together the last parts for the next book – a short guide to Baguazhang circle walking

I think I’ve done a pretty good job of going through some of the important points of how to practise. The book is structured around the 24 key points of Gao Yisheng, describing each requirement in a no-nonsense way. I wanted to show how these ‘classical’ Bagua writings usually refer to down to earth actions, alignments and attitudes. I think that the book can give a perspective that readers will be able to transfer and apply when looking at other ‘classical’ writings.

I’ve also included descriptions and instructions for the Bamuzhang or eight mother palms.

While the book is Gao style oriented I have tried not to be dogmatic about style. Styles evolve according to reasoning – what looks bad from one style’s perspective is not necessarily ‘wrong’ it’s just fulfilling a different purpose.

I’ve cut down on my usual ramblings about the nature of martial arts and movement. That might be a bonus to some. If it’s not there will be plenty in the bullshit free beautiful Bagua basics book that I’m still wrestling with.

Right now I’m working with the artists and I’m very happy with what they’ve been sending me so far.

Here are a few samples…


The short introduction to Baguazhang circle walking will be available on Amazon in paper and e-form – possibly from the other big distributors too….

I may make it available free as a pdf for a short time for people who sign up to my mailing list. If you think that’s a good idea comment on my Facebook page!

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