New Bagua book available – Classics at Christmas?

I want to write a classic. A book so elegant and informative it lasts a long, long time.

So far I have failed. I have not even come close. Beginning Bagua is ok, and different from other Bagua books that I’ve seen. Moving into Stillness has its moments, and I think it does what it says on the back.

The latest book, might be, just might be a little closer. Of course I don’t get to decide that. It’s closer because it is simpler, shorter. So it won’t take you long to read it on your kindle, phone or on paper…. though you might take a little longer to decide, and your feedback will be very welcome. Please tell me how you find it, let’s buck the trend of only 5* Amazon reviews and get some truth out there!

Anyway here is a link to the latest book

A short guide to Baguazhang circle walking


Keeping books short will probably be one part of my strategy if I ever do succeed. Keep researching, keep training and thinking and at the same time, keep writing. Keep writing small books. The writing needs practice too.

So my Christmas present to you will be my next book. It will be short and I’ll be giving it away for free.

The title? The drop stance, your guide to getting down.

Will it be a classic? I doubt it, but I have the outline in my head and I’m quite excited. It will be short, practical and include a combination of ideas and techniques that you will. It have seen together before, and quite possibly will never have seen before.

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And have a great December festive season.