Natural movement


Natural movement is a tricky thing to define, at least in part because nature is hard to define. On this page Natural movement is about moving through non- constructed environments . I am particularly interested in trees at the moment. 

There is another idea within natural movement, that I use as a guide. The idea is that we have evolved to move in these environments, and there is a possibility for instinctual development in nature that does not happen in the rectilinear gym environment. This could be totally wrong, however subjectively there seems to be a difference to me.

I've created this page to write about how I'm learning through natural movement, and how I share what I learn.

Bars and branches

There is a theory that some people overeat junk food because the food does not give them enough nutrition so that they are never satisfied. There is an argument for training in nature that it is better for the body because it forces the body to adapt to an infinite variety of shapes, spaces, angles

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