Moving into Stillness

Moving into Stillness

 Moving into stillness was the second book that I published

Have you ever got tired of reading humourless, confusing or pseudo-scientific books on Qigong?

Perhaps you just skip past those kinds of books.

Or maybe you really like to read about the tremendous power of ancient Daoist masters, but reach the end of books by masters who promise the secrets of the East, but after you put the book down you're not actually much clearer as to how to practise.

I was tired of that kind of book so I wrote this one. It is based on the Daoist methods I learned from my teacher Luo Dexiu.

I wanted to give readers:

  • a set of clear methods to use breath and movement as a way to meditate and find stillness
  • Exercises and approaches to feel better in daily life
  • Ways to connect Qigong and martial practices
  • Ideas to cut through bullshit
  • Something they could share with skeptical friends

Many people have told me that I succeeded, you decide for yourself.

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