Moved by Hurricane Haiyan



I feel moved to do something for the Philippines, for the reconstruction and repair following the Hurricane Haiyan.

What can I offer?

Between now and Christmas I will offer private classes in exchange for aid donations. These days I charge €80 for an hour of tuition.

If you send me an e-mail card for $40 or more  from Global Giving, I will be happy to offer you a session. This is the e-mail address to use – (click on gift, or in honor of on the right)

of either fitness, Qigong, Bagua (Kungfu) or strength training.

And also Generative trance. This is not something that I have offered publicly for a while, but it seems right. Generative trance is a development of Stephen Gilligan, with whom I have trained since 2004. You can find out about Stephen in the link below, and listen to him speak about Generative trance. I recommend it.

about Stephen

about Generative Trance

I want to contribute to health across the world, and in the hearts, minds, bodies around me. Join in.

If you want to ask more, call me 06 80 28 86 39