[cml_media_alt id='2246']2014 Seminars with Luo DeXiu in Paris[/cml_media_alt]How would you feel about training with a genuine Chinese martial arts master?

Luo Dexiu is a rare teacher of Chinese internal kungfu, one of the few who can both demonstrate and teach the fighting aspects of these arts, whether for striking, locking or throwing, entering close or creating opportunities from a distance.

Luo comes from Taiwan and is best known for his Baguazhang (eight trigram kungfu)

It is not easy to imagine how it feels to work with someone who has Luo’s power and skill. There is no substitute to hands on training, and because Luo is a generous, clear teacher you will want to make the most of this opportunity.

Friday – Qigong and meditation – How to use your breath and intention to make the most of internal martial arts training, and as step towards ‘deeper’ practice.

Saturday – Xian tien Baguazhang
The heart of Baguazhang is ‘Xian tien’ practice which includes circle walking and palm changes. Xian tien Bagua develops power, sensitivity and mobility in the body. It is a beautiful meditative practice yet also contains strategic ideas and rich mix of throwing, locking and striking methods.

If you appreciate movement I think you will want to learn this.

Sunday – Ho tien Baguzhang
If Xian tien is the heart of Bagua, Ho tien is the teeth. The movements of hotien Bagauazhang express as well as develop power in directions that can be applied simply, give the right keys. Luo dexiu has those keys and will show you how. During this seminar we will focus on the fighting principles of the second line of hotien.

When you come to this you will get a a big bunch of techniques and principles that you can work with and develop for a long time.


Friday -€40
1 day €80
weekend €150
Full seminar €180

Places are limited – no deposit, no place! Use the link to book.

You will be glad you came to this seminar because whatever your level you will so much about training process, body use, and internal aspects and technique.