What do you want to learn? 

There are a number of skills and capacities that I teach. I've summarised them below. It is possible to mix and match.

Internal martial arts - Baguazhang, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan

Obviously you can learn Bagua with me - whether a paired down minimalist approach, or a the full blown Gao style syllabus with all its forms, drills and applications.

I can also teach the well known simplified Cheng Man Ching Taiji form (I studied with three of his students in Taiwan) or the more complex Chen Panling Taiji form- along with push hands and fighting use if that's your cup of tea, or just for the pleasure of meditative movement.

Honestly I practise less Xingyiquan, but I have a good grasp of how the elements of Xingyiquan fit together, and how to train them. 


Everyone needs a practise and Bagua is a quite beautiful one, with many layers. You can learn Bagua for it's martial use, as a way to get stronger, to enjoy being in a strong mobile, body.

Mostly though the reason to learn Bagua is because you want to, because you like it.

The same applies to Taiji and Xingyi. There's a collector's pleasure in learning any martial art, more so to get the 'big three internal styles'.

Besides this they each provide a frame to better understand your body, how you move, to become stronger and have insight that can affect all areas of your life.

Strength, mobility, movement

I can teach you to be physically stronger and more mobile. I can train you in person or give you programs to follow. We can start with where you are and take you to where you want to go.

The process goes something like this. You tell me what you're interested in being able to do with your body. We can develop that together, and I'll tell you if I think it's not a good idea (or that I'm not the right person to teach it - I may know someone who is).  After that I'll work on a program for you aking into account your level, time you can dedicate, what interests you, space or equipment available to you and then make sure that you understand how to the exercises correctly. 

We can work on specific goals - like the ability to perform a skill, or have a certain body shape. We can work on more open goals like generally being healthy and happy in your body. I'm open to strange, complex, subtle or very individual goals.


Being weak and having a stiff painful body is not fun. More strength and mobility and coordination is more fun. It also allows you to get on with the rest of your life more efficiently and with more pleasure. 

It's not always easy to get these kinds of goals. Having a clear program to follow as well as an ally to share the journey can make maximize the chance of getting what you want and also make for a more interesting experience.


Skype sessions

If you just want to pick my brains on a particular topic then we can arrange a skype session.

Private classes/coaching

If you are in Paris we an meet face to face, either in the well equipped gym where I work, or outdoors. Paris has some great locations.

Online courses/coaching

Currently I do not have any standard online training but I plan to produce some tutorial videos on a number of subjects soon.

However through the wonders of Skype, Youtube, email and phones with cameras it is possible for us to work on a personal program and to make sure that you are doing things right.


I teach regular short seminars in Paris, and less often elsewhere. If you'd like me to teach near you it's probably possible.