KAH – Kick ass hour

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It’s KAH time

Kick ass hour – Tuesdays 18-19h

KAH is an hour of simple direct martial practice – techniques and drills that are quickly applicable in ‘live’ situations.

80% strikes, throws and ground work – padwork, partner drills
20% psychology and context

It’s not about fitness, but conditioning is built into the techniques and drills

• Is this a self defense class? Self defense is a far bigger subject than magazine articles would have you believe. But if you want a simple answer, then YES.

• KAH is about getting tougher and smarter, to increase your ability to walk away from bad situations so you can get on with what’s important to you.

You’re welcome if…

• You can work hard and aren’t a psychopath,


• if you accept that this is about dealing with trauma (in the original physical sense of the word) not “micro-trauma” “nano-trauma” or “pico-trauma”. Don’t know what those are? Good.

€20/session or  €40month

These sessions are for small groups. If you come regularly I can work your questions into what we cover.