Birth of the mysterious Alchemical Sentinels / Naissance de mystérieuses Sentinelles Alchimiques DDC_0071 – Thierry Erhmann

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to work and play with a diverse set of human bodies, trained in different sports and arts. This has given me some extra exposure to compare and contrast how

individuals from different groups tend to move. It’s interesting.

Without singling any group or persons out there are some regular trends in fucked upness that I see. Just so we get this straight I’m not excluding myself.

I mentioned this to Luo when I was in Nantes recently. His response took an interesting tangent.

Within Chinese martial arts (possibly martial arts in general, I’ve just seen it more here) students often get to arguing about who got the true transmission, with a generous serving of  sibling rivalry style “I am teacher’s favourite student.”

What Luo explained is that this is often backwards. Luo might show one student a specific exercise that he does not show the others not because the student is favoured, or getting the ‘true transmission’ but for essentially the opposite reason.

The ‘special exercise’ is chosen to help the student get over some kind of block, to understand something his communication could not explain before, to improve some movement problem.

If I wanted to be less kind about this – they received the special exercise because they were specially challenged.

However the better the exercise works for that individual, the more special they are likely to perceive it as, and by extension the more special they may think they are.

It’s a variation of the old ‘once you’ve crossed the river you don’t need to keep dragging the boat’ advice.

Of course In theory this could be easily cleared up…

What’s your favourite special exercise?