I-Bagua FAQ

This site is about the martial and movement practises of me, Edward Hines - what I do and why - where and how I teach. 

Briefly I teach Chinese martial arts, mostly Baguazhang or Bagua (see below), fitness, mobility, strength and how to fit these all into a healthy (perhaps busy) life.

Why do I do this? I think a healthy world depends on healthy people, and exploring movement and the play between thought, body and behaviour is a key part of being healthy. I want to live in a healthy world and this is one way to contribute to that. I also think that there is a lot of BS in the 'fitness' industry and in martial arts. This is may way of standing for something more honest.

What is Baguazhang? What else do you teach? Where are you based? How and what can I learn? Do you have an online course? How can I contact you?