How to choose a Tai Chi teacher

How to Choose a Tai Chi teacher

 How to choose a Tai Chi teacher

This is the book you will want to give your friends so that they make smart choices about who they train with, and so that they ask a few less of the questions you may have answered many times.

This is the book that you will want to read for yourself before you start searching for a Tai Chi, Bagua or other martial arts teacher.

I wrote this book because I want to do something more to raise the quality of teaching in this field, and to help readers make the best decisions possible when they enter it - or after they've entered it.

The sad thing is there's a lot of not poor and unethical teaching out there, and some great teachers who don't get noticed because the less good ones are are louder and better at getting attention.  I think it would be nice if we could change that at least a little.

What's in it?

Quite a lot, though you can think of it as having two main sections.

The first is a general introduction to internal martial arts, in which I cover the usual topics of what they are, the difference between external and internal. I also go into what you may want to get from an internal arts practise. Motivations and needs are not the same for everyone so I go through a nice range of reasons. If yours are not included tell me!

The second section is about how to develop a frame of reference for your choice. This includes some ideas on how to to recognise quality, and the opposite how to spot fraudsters, manipulators and the deluded. There are also some tips about how to make the most of your experience when you meet teachers and learn with them.

All through this book are stories and ideas that come from my personal experience - and some of which were hard won.

What else?

Well it's quite short, which is good because that means you can get on with actually choosing and practising and...

It's a now! 

You can get it for just $1.16. Buy your copy now and it'll be delivered on the 11th of November. I'll put the price up to $3-4 on November 25th.

Here's your link.

Ps. if you can leave an honest review after you read it that will help!

With a preface by Tim Cartmell

In many fields the loudest voices are not always the most knowledgeable. Tim Cartmell is widely considered a hidden treasure with the internal martial arts community. A life time researcher of martial arts and a dedicated teacher respected by all who have the pleasure of training with him. Find out more at his vintage website or google him.