War and play

War and Play Cosplay and Kung-fu This post is a reply to Jesse Conley’s article  Make war the Roman way  about some patterns he sees in self defense teaching that get on his nerves. Essentially I agree with him, I’d like to take a parallel path to some of his points then rejoin him at […]

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What does Natural motion offer?

What does Natural Motion offer? Natural motion/movement is an approach to movement that makes some quite specific and impressive claims. It is the creation of Monya Gorelik, based on several decades of martial arts practise, the application of mathematics and the research of biomechanics – with a special emphasis on Eastern European sources (more about […]

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Lu Baochun seminar review

The weekend of July 1-2 Lu Baochun was in Paris and I managed to catch the last day of training. I had meant to go earlier but life got in the way. How was it? Well as my friend Michael Rook said to me recently “Lu is awesome.” Now awesome is a much abused word, […]

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Luo Dexiu Paris 2017 seminar review

I’ve been in two minds about writing up this year’s Paris seminar with Luo Dexiu. I’ll explain why later. Clearly I’ve decided to go for it. More by luck than design I picked a series of topics that complemented each other extremely well. Or perhaps it is Luo’s teaching skill that allow him to show […]

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M3 - London - 16BW

Emmet Louis M3 review

I’ve just unpeeled my closed eyes on the Eurostar coming back from London and Emmet Louise’s Modern Methods of Mobility (M3 seminar). Why did I go, what did I learn and was it worth it? There are a whole lot of approaches to mobility or flexibility or stretching or whatever you want to call it. There […]

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Unbelievable!? Face, politics and money.

For a moment I thought that something was happening. If you have not seen ex Sanda and MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong is on a campaign to call out what he considers to be frauds in Chinese martial arts. He has targeted the Chen family and other famous Chen Taiji people – who charge €26000 for […]

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Koi - by Dotun 55

Book Excerpt: The appeal of the obscure and pond size effect

From How to choose your Internal martial arts teacher – full table of contents below I am curious about the appeal of the exotic and obscure in martial arts. This is what I have observed. In the world of martial arts there are fads and fashions. For various reasons people fixate on the desire to learn a specific […]

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Social media pledge

I have a mixed relationship with social media*, on the one hand it allows me to reach and be reached by people I otherwise would not, it brings in a flow of ideas and research that I value. On the other hand, well you probably know the other hand. I don’t want to be part […]

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Birth of the mysterious Alchemical Sentinels / Naissance de mystérieuses Sentinelles Alchimiques DDC_0071 - Thierry Erhmann

It’s me who received the secret transmission …

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to work and play with a diverse set of human bodies, trained in different sports and arts. This has given me some extra exposure to compare and contrast how individuals from different groups tend to move. It’s interesting. Without singling any group or persons out there are some regular trends […]

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I'd love to see this in the Crossfit Games - those blocks must weigh as much as 12g each!

Fighting monkey Anatomy of Events seminar review

Last weekend I had. My second Fighting Monkey experience in Antwerp (read about the first here). This seminar is titled ‘Anatomy of Events’ and was advertised as an exploration of how practices can be used to notice the patterns that link different aspects of life and how to to change these patterns. Did the workshop […]

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