2014 Seminars with Luo DeXiu in Paris

Luo Dexiu Seminars Paris May 12-14 2017 – sticking hands/mains collantes

English below Maître Luo Dexiu sera de retour à Paris en Mai pour un Workshop en profondeur sur les Mains Collantes / Poussées de Mains (Tui Shou / Rou Shou). Le stage est ouvert à tous ceux qui veulent apprendre à lier leurs connaissances corporelles internes des applications externes. Pratiquants d’arts martiaux, danseurs, combattants et […]

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Tim Cartmell 2017 seminar reviews

I’m back in Paris with a full notebook after a great weekend in Cologne, and it’s time to get some thoughts in order. I’ve only been involved in BJJ on a regular basis for a short time and I feel very aware of my lack of experience. However I’ve also trained with several teachers over […]

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Daily choices part 2 – time travel…

After my last post I realised that I had not said or asked what I wanted to ask. What is on my mind is more of a hypothesis, or a potential principle for to build into a daily practice or even to build the practice around. How to explain… There is an idea from NLP called […]

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Daily choices

There is something that has been on and off my mind for a while… When it comes to training I live in a trans-disciplinary culture. Most of the people I discuss and learn with have a more than passing knowledge of some combination of barbell training, remedial strength training, Olympic lifting, gymnastic strength training, Western […]

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Book review: Movement Matters

I’ve just finished Movement Matters by Katy Bowman, and I want to write a review for several reasons. The first is because I think it’s full of ideas worth sharing, the second is that I’d like to sort some of my ideas about the book and connect them to parts of my life (some of […]

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New year Goals!!!!!

This is the time of year where we are encouraged to set our goals for the new year. As soon as we start to take about goals we enter the territory of the motivational coach, which can be a very strange land. Upon crossing the border you will be vetted,  tested on your willingness to […]

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Tim Cartmell Stage à Paris Mars 4-5 2017

English below Cette fois ci, Tim nous fera partager une partie importante de son approche, les principes permettant de passer d’une position debout (Standing) à une position de soumission (Submission), et les principes communsaux interactions dans ces deux positions. Cette recherche repose sur la parcours unique de Tim en JuJitsu (ceinture noire 3ème degré avec […]

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Book review – Possible Origins: A Cultural History of Chinese Martial Arts, Theater and Religion

I just finished Scott Park Phillips book Possible Origins which is about Scott’s research into the cultural origins of Chinese martial arts. I got my first sniff of the book when he publicised a lecture titled something like ‘Baguazhang, and it’s origins as the footsteps of an angry baby god.’ You can probably imagine if […]

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Movement Archery London Oct 2016

Tom Weksler Movement Archery review

If I lean back in my train seat I can feel the edges of sensitivity on my shoulders.  It’s a sensitivity that has built up from many impacts with dance floors and gymnastic mats over a very fun weekend with Tom Weksler. Tom is a dancer and he teaches his approach to dance and acrobatics […]

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Brasserie by Zoetnet

Free trial class!

I get messages asking for a free trial class, and I get them fairly often. Actually not asking, assuming that I give free trial classes. Brasserie by Zoetnet But really,  why should it be? Restaurants don’t offer free trial meals. Who does offer free samples? Drug pushers and pharmaceutical reps do. Paris is full of people looking […]

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