I get messages asking for a free trial class, and I get them fairly often. Actually not asking, assuming that I give free trial classes.

Brasserie by Zoetnet
Brasserie by Zoetnet

But really,  why should it be?

Restaurants don’t offer free trial meals.

Who does offer free samples? Drug pushers and pharmaceutical reps do.

Paris is full of people looking for free classes.  The city is big enough that they can pass from one freebie to the next without ever paying.

I want to have students of higher quality than that.

Martial arts take time and commitment. Everyone in my class gets individual time and attention.

I prefer to give time to students who show that they will stick around and practice. No practice, no progress.

Which mean I need to set up filters.

My first filter is are you willing to try the class for a month.

If that's too much commitment, too much risk then move along.