There is something that has been on and off my mind for a while…

When it comes to training I live in a trans-disciplinary culture.

Most of the people I discuss and learn with have a more than passing knowledge of some combination of barbell training, remedial strength training, Olympic lifting, gymnastic strength training, Western martial arts, Asian martial arts, African martial arts, various kinds of dance, circus skills, Yoga, Parkour, outdoor movement, animal mimicry and more….

I’m being deliberately vague about the categories because they overlap and I get very bored with anally retentive arguments about style and lineage.

The general idea is that there is not ‘one best training methodology.

Another broad theme is that ‘all training is an attempt to compensate for  our domestication’.

But the result is that it’s easy to drown in choice, or to run madly in an attempt to keep all the skills and gains made…

Within this confusion of methods we have various people offering either ‘the ultimate integrated training methodology’ or acting as guides/teachers and exhibiting various degrees of guru/arseholeness.

Now excuse me if I get personal for a bit. I like women, and this used to torment me quite a lot. When I was with one woman I’d see another and I’d begin to wonder what it’d be like to be with her, and her, oh and her… What changed? I’m not sure – the appreciation is still there but the tail chasing (that’s chasing my own tail) has subsided. Maybe it’s age, or if you prefer it’s ripeness.

Back to movement – given this general background of ‘movement diversity’ and ever expanding skill sets to maintain neuroplasticity I wonder about the less glamorous value of daily ritual – movements that don’t constantly change, something like a monogamy of movement.

It is not just the lack of choice – or needing to choose that I think is valuable in this. Rather it is the familiarity, the ability to roll down well trodden routes within the edges of a comfort zone, a daily reminder of the breadths of possibility, whether or not you venture beyond.

So I’m curious, if you live in the modern hypermarket of movement which aisles do you visit every day? Does it vary gently? Or is it never the same?

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