Classes and services

This is an overview of the classes, services and seminars that I offer. It includes weekly classes, 1:1 coaching, existing seminars and the possibility of teaching a seminar in your area.

Bagua is elegant and effective, and is an intelligent non-macho approach to martial training. You can read more about I-Bagua here and there is a deeper explanation of the movement theory here. There are regular weekly classes, seminars in Paris, London and across Europe and you can also learn privately. Go to the timetable to see when you can train in Paris.

I-Bagua Qigong and meditation
Qigong means breathing skill or breathing exercises. They are an excellent way to cultivate serenity, awareness, presence and restore energy. Qigong is both a supplement to meditation and a form of meditation in it’s own right. Read more here.

Intensive training
One of the best ways to progress in any skill is through discrete periods of intense training. You can arrange to have a 2-4 hours personal training per day during the week or on weekends for several days. It is great for people coming from out of town who want to make the most of their time. Read more here.

I-Bagua in business
I-Bagua is a powerful tool to explore business relevant topics such as aggression, hierarchy, emotional resilience, stress relief and communication.Read more here.

Private coaching
Coaching is for people who are looking for greater depth, purpose, meaning and effectiveness in their lives. You can focus the coaching on any area of your life that you would like to develop, whether health, career, sports. Read more here.

Self defence personal protection
If you live a normally peaceful life, but are aware that dangerous situations can arise or if you are a parent or teacher then this course is for you. Because this course is based in awareness rather than physical technique you will find it applicable in all kinds of everyday conflicts and negotiations. You can join a regular public workshop in Paris or London or arrange for your own private training. Read more here.