Out of the hundreds of sports/exercises etc that it is possible to do how do you choose which to focus on? You cannot do them all, there is not enough time in the day even if a good chunk of it is dedicated to movement.

For the majority of people who have even less time intelligent choice becomes all the more vital. How to choose? Here is what I consider important

1. Transfer – the movements I work on ideally help all kinds of other movements – whatever creates general strength is great for this – squats, deadlifts, and finding the weakest links in my movement. I want to create strength through a great range of movement. ‘Cardio’ will not do this for me.

2. Goals and progression – there are movements I can do, and movements I cannot. The limits may be strength, flexibility or coordination. There is also a path from what I can to what I can’t …. yet- but want to do! The movements I choose daily are the steps along that path. I want to do a one hand handstand – the steps along the way are mostly about coordination/alignment, with a some specific strength and some joint conditioning. Pushups will not help me, they are not a priority.

Think this way: being able to do 100 pushups = endurance, it will not give the strength to do a single full handstand pushup (+the angle is different), being able to do 50 pullups = endurance, it will not give the ability to do a single one arm pullup, being able to hold a headstand for 15 mins will not give the ability to hold a handstand for 1 min
But strength does transfer ‘down’ if you can do a one hand pullup, two hand pullups will seem easy and you will be able to do them for a while before tiring.

Which means the one hand handstand skill will allow me to play with all kinds of other variations – the strength, the balance and alignment transfers… So the idea of transfer helps set my goals, and my goals are long term…

3. Longevity, health and balance I need a balance between work and recovery. I also need a balance between the front and back of the body, pushing and pulling, different angles, strength and sensitivity. Some movements I could do, kind of, but I cannot do well enough yet – they would create bad habits, or hurt my joints – they can wait until I’m stronger/better conditioned. I am greedy, but I’m also in this for the long run…

The longevity and health balance help me set my goals

Pick your goals carefully, pick your movements carefully – which means pick your movement classes carefully…

Not all movements are equal.