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  • Online Bagua training – Bagua in a nutshell
    A classic Bagua position demonstrated against a misty background
  • Perfect martial movement – how can you develop it?
    Whatever you practice you likely have some ideal of perfect martial movement. Perhaps that ideal movement is encapsulated for you in classical terms such as six harmonies, maybe it is something that you feel towards, or there is a teacher/fighter who you’d like to be more like. The point is, you aren’t there…yet…just…more…practice… There is an expression that I like, yet … Read more
  • What to wear? Bagua uniforms vs rubber boots
    Greetings from rainy Brittany. What’s with the title Bagua uniforms vs rubber boots? If you look at videos of Bagua online you are likely to come across people with a range of different clothes on. There are people who wear classic wushu silk pajamas. I think there are also growing number of folk clad in long, flowing Daoist robes. Finally, there … Read more
  • Unpack Bagua principles from forms (or die unfulfilled)
    It’s not the form that counts it’s what you put into the form it’s not the shape that’s impirtant but how you move. If you don’t get this, your wasting your time.
  • Bagua application – circles you can really use
    How do you use all those circles in Bagua? So much Bagua application that I see depends on fanciful interpretations of forms. Perhaps you’ve seen them. Lots of spinning around a static (sleeping?) opponent. But Bagua application can be very simple and direct (in a circular way of course). In the little video above I give a few examples of the … Read more

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