Bagua zoom class – results and reflections after 2 years

Bagua Zoom classes – live instruction for you

During the pandemic, I opened up a Bagua zoom class each day of the week. A little over two years later these are some reflections on the experience.

Big picture – I am pleased. I’ve enjoyed working with people from around the world, When I started I wasn’t sure what it would be like, but it appears to actually work. I’ve seen nice changes in body movement and understanding on the part of participants.

Students report changes in body shape, improvements in joint function, and an increase of power in other martial settings. Some students told me they found the regularity of the classes helped keep them stable and grounded through difficult times. Others talked about how the classes helped them feel confident to take on new challenges.

Plus sides of the Bagua zoom class
  • No commute!
  • Able to see and comment on postures in real-time
  • Able to adjust the class in real-time according to what I see. Students can ask questions
  • It builds relationship better than courses – there’s a transparency from teaching at home that can break barriers

  • Not hands-on
  • Sometimes the dogs bark in class
  • Scheduling for different time-zones makes some classes more popular
Some highlights
  • Completing the 64 hotien linear forms – while not all of the students are motivated to memorise them for themselves it is a milestone in itself. I am proud of the folk who kept going through the entire process.
  • Having horses stick their heads into class while teaching

Different students enjoy different things and find different benefits. It is gratifying as a teacher when someone mentions some gem that surprises me. This is not a dry, predictable academic study. Value arises spontaneously in the spaces between people, practice and life.

Time for you to start?

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