Bagua Introduction


Is Bagua the most beautiful Chinese martial art?

My very subjective answer is YES! though there is some seductively lovely competition….

Martial arts aren’t really about being pretty, even if it is the elegance and the promise of depth that attracts people.

Effortless flow, internal power all require an investment of energy and precise attention. If you want ‘easy’ then sorry martial arts are not for you, not my classes anyway. Classes are playful, but they will still challenge you.

If you want clear instruction and are willing to do some work then come and join us.

In the Bagua introduction I will

• Give you a clear conceptual frame for the practice so you can work confidently at home to develop your strength, movement, focus and calm.

• Teach you key power and qi building exercises: these exercises will last a lifetime and add vitality to your years.

• Demonstrate and have you practice simple effective martial applications – it’s good to remove the mystery about application and learn something you can use straight away.

• Answer your questions – and pre-emptively clear up some common misconceptions that keep people stuck and without results whether in Taiji, Bagua or Qigong.

After this session it will be easy for you to join with the weekly Bagua classes and seminars. It’s just two hours, there’s lots more to explore – and part of the pleasure is that you can explore with a group of interesting, playful and increasingly healthy classmates!

You don’t need prior experience or a body like Bruce Lee to join, a smile, curiosity and openness to doing things differently are more important.

Friday Jan 11th and Friday Jan 31st  2014 19-21H, Espace Nataraja, 12 rue Hippolyte lebas, 75009 Paris €25

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