Bagua is all about flow, patterns of flow. If you”ve ever been fascinated by water running in a stream, the shifting shapes of clouds or wheeling flocks of birds there are many similarities. It is one of the frustrating things about Bagua, because it is about flow, about movement it”s not easy to catch in a photo. The postures are not so dramatic. The hypnotic aspect is in the fluid changes of direction.

So one day I went down to the studio with a camera, turned the lights off and strapped some led bicycle lights to my hands then played with exposures and movements. This is some of what I came up with.

I did not make notes, so I cannot identify many of the images with actual movements. The picture below is single palmchange.

The ones that look like writing are linear combat techniques repeated

Below is a linear technique that trains throwing power

Below is a lifting up and striking down movement

I like this one, I think it is repeated left and right chopping.

A free class to the person who can work out the last one!

I want to thank Roxana for cleaning the images up for me.


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  1. it’s a snake…?

  2. You know what Laurence…. I wish I knew! It could be

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