A short guide to Baguazhang circle walking

a Short guide to Baguazhang circle walking

51kU2TUJjBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)Baguazhang circle walking is my latest book which I published in December 2015.
This is a small book that covers the body requirements of circle walking. The book explains the writing of Gao Yisheng on circle walking, and is illustrated with clear line drawings some of which you can see below. As well as my demystifying approach which can save you a lot of time and help make the obscure more clear. When I wrote it I wanted to give readers a way to make sense of classical Chinese martial arts writings in a no-nonsense manner so that they can apply their new understandings widely.
Included in the book are
  • Breathing methods
  • Stepping methods
  • The eight mother palms - fixed upper body postures
  • Simple partner training exercises to clarify body structure and power
  • Context and guidelines for training

As I said this is a small book, and while it is not perfect I'm pretty happy with it. It is very good value for money on Kindle, and pretty affordable in paperback.

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