A neurological basis for martial arts style-dicks?

This linked article from University College London  shows how dancers who have trained in one style of dance when showed videos of a variety of dance styles display a higher level of motor cortex activity when they see the style they are familiar with.

“The UCL team found greater activity in areas of the brain collectively known as the ‘mirror system’ when the experts viewed movements that they had been trained to perform compared to movements they had not. The same areas in non-expert volunteers brains didn’t care what dance style they saw. While previous studies have found that the system contains mirror neurons or brain cells which fire up both when we perform an action and when we observe it, the new study shows that this system is fine tuned to each pehqdefaultrson’s ‘motor repertoire’ or range of physical skills.”

On a shallow level this explains why martial artists often see all styles other than their own as bullshit.

Ah, poor things they just have underdeveloped motor repertoires.

On another level this is science catching up with the experience of multi disciplinary movement practitioners (in fact the article is 12 years old and I want to thank Simon Thakur for bringing it to my attention).

It comes back to the idea that you do not understand something until you can do it,  and there are many levels of understanding even in a single skill.