Intensive training

Have you noticed that when you take yourself away from distractions and really focus you can achieve a great deal?

Have you noticed that when you put your self in a different context or environment your creativity is stimulated, you get new insights and perspectives? 

This is the idea behind Intensive Training.

If you’d like a breakthrough in your understanding and skill then you would do well to consider a period of intensive training.

In normal life we spend a lot of time warming up, travelling to class, transitioning back to work or family. It is a challenge to go deeply into the training process when there are too many demands on your energy and focus.

However when you can dedicate a number of hours per day to your training you are rewarded with new understanding and insight. You accelerate your development in a way that is extremely rewarding. You get to take back your new skills into your normal daily life.

  • Specify what you want to focus on
  • Schedule 2-4 hours tuition per day
  • Take time to digest and work on what you learn
  • Receive personalised suggestion for future development and integration and maintain gains ‘back home’
  • Enjoy Paris in your time off

So if you’d like to learn faster and develop your skills contact me so we can arrange times, dates and what you would like to cover.