Host a seminar

I have been lucky to train with people who are broad minded in their own martial and movement research. They realised that to develop to the greatest potential they had to remain open to different sources of information, to take themselves out of what was familiar, explore different approaches and methods.

To really do this is a constant challenge. It takes a mix of desire, curiosity, discrimination and courage. It is not for everyone.

If you have some of these qualities and you run a school, or train with others then you can consider hosting a seminar in your city or area.

We can discuss the content of the seminars to get the right mix for you.

Some suggested topics include:

  • Conditioning exercises for internal martial arts
  • Qigong and meditation
  • Drills to develop fighting skills
  • Core training methods of Bagua – applicable to any style
  • The training of methods of Gao style Bagua
  • Body awareness and release exercises for athletes
There’s a lot here, whether you already teach or practise Bagua, or Taiji. It applies equally if you train in an ‘external’ style and you would like to learn a no-nonsense approach to ‘internal’arts which is effective but does not do away with the poetry or beauty of Bagua.
Contact me so that we can discuss what you want, who will train, and if this is the first seminar that you organise how to fill it.