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New Book on pre-release

This is the book you will want to give your friends so that they make smart choices about who they train with, and so that they ask a few less of the questions you may have answered many times.

This is the book that you will want to read for yourself before you start searching for a Tai Chi, Bagua or other martial arts teacher.

I wrote this book because I want to do something more to raise the quality of teaching in this field, and to help readers make the best decisions possible when they enter it - or after they've entered it.

The sad thing is there's a lot of not poor and unethical teaching out there, and some great teachers who don't get noticed because the less good ones are are louder and better at getting attention.  I think it would be nice if we could change that at least a little.

Learn more or just go and get it now and save some money.

Right now you can get it for just $1.16. Buy your copy now and it'll be delivered on the 11th of November. I'll put the price up to $3-4 on November 25th.

Here's your link.

About Me

Really quick: my name is Edward Hines. I'm from London, I live in Paris. I started Taiji in 1983, moved to Taiwan in 1994 where I met my Baguazhang teacher Luo Dexiu - he has deep skill and I still work with him. Back to the UK in 1994 - lot's more martial arts, strength, fitness, movement and other kinds of training.

I am allergic to over-promotion and unnecessary mystification. Lost of both in martial arts and the 'fitness industry.' So I write books that are to the point and I train people simply to for their own goals - and not impose my own.

There are plenty of free articles tips and ideas here for you to read, watch and try out, and get a sense if what I offer is what you want.

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